Holly is a Californian artist with a background in photography, painting, and mixed media art. Her work is inspired by her history as an accomplished equestrian and a land speed racing driver in pursuit of a world speed record. Holly specializes in innovative automotive and mechanical photography. Her unique depictions of land speed racing at El Mirage Dry Lake and the Bonneville Salt Flats are a reflection of her passion for metalwork and the mechanical arts. The images she captures of classic automobiles, dragsters, hot rods, customs,motorcycles are transformed into timeless works of art by her lens.

“Sometimes, it is difficult to be a woman who is an artist, photographer, gear head and complete adrenaline junkie. The smells of white grease and gasoline permeated my childhood and are unquestionably to blame for who I am today. I inherited my passion for metal and speed from my dad. He loved automobiles, and made sure that I did too. I owe my confidence in my life and my work to him, for teaching me that I could, and should, do anything that boys could do.“For me, car building is a unique arena in which art and invention morph and combine into functional masterpieces. Ideas are transformed into moving machines expressly designed to push the limits of what is possible. Sometimes, they blow up on the starting line. Sometimes, they break world land speed records. I admire the unusual souls that love hot rods, land racing, and brass era culture. I am proud to count myself a member of their community. It is my pleasure to bring some of that world to others through my work.”